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Recruitment Statement

My company recently found that illegal people fraudulent use of my company name to recruit staff, the violation seriously damaged my company's reputation. To this end, my company hereby announce the following:

1)Our company has no direct telephone interview or training in any global region. We arranged for the staff to the local company's human resources department for entry procedures, and then go directly to the department.

2)Our company is not authorized to any intermediary and individual to carry out any managerial recruitment work in various regions of the world, any intermediary and individual behavior are nothing to do with my company, caused by all the legal consequences borne by their own;

3)Our company will take the relevant measures against the illegal acts, to pursue their legal responsibility

4)Those who use the name of my company to carry out illegal recruitment activities of the units or individuals, must immediately stop all wrongdoing, to eliminate the adverse social impact on my company;

5)Our company remind the candidates should not be deceived, cheated personnel please actively contact the local public security organs, with investigation and prosecution of illegal acts.

Hereby declare!

Shenzhen Meig Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

March 7, 2016

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