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1. IoT Solutions


2.Platform for IoT Solutions

MeiG Link cloud platform serves multi cross platforms in IoT, industrial solutions and intelligent hardware by providing handy cloud access, storage, data analysis and management. It optimizes solution cost both for minor clients and heavy buyers.

The structure of MeiG Link platform falls into below parts:

1.SDK support for modules and terminals:MeiG owns complete product series of hardware modules and whole machines. We provides in-depth customizations of system and configuring it with whole set of SDK.

2.Data Collection and Distribution:Collect and distribute data for various devices abiding the protocols of MQTT, HTTP, FTP and WebSockets etc.

3.Business Management:Providing customized business services and realizing different business requirements to shorten time-to-market for customers.

4.Data Analysis:Providing services of scalable database, real-time data processing, intelligent forecasting, off-line data analysis and data management etc.

5.Technical support: Our developer group has rich resource of hardware, system and back-stage knowledge. It is a community for smart device geeks and experts, making it more convenient and faster to perform technical exchange.

The Structure of IoT Platform


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