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ISBN: 1171452888; TITLE: [The] country bard: or, the modern courtiers. A poem. Inscribed to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. By David Morgan, Esq; counsellor at law, ... king and country) on Kennington-Common, 1746.; AUTHOR: David Thomas Morgan;
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ISBN: 1171454058; TITLE: A description of three hundred animals, viz. beasts, birds, fishes, serpents, and insects. With a particular account of the manner of their catching of whales in Greenland.; AUTHOR: Thomas Boreman;
ISBN: 1171454139; TITLE: The proceedings of a general court-martial held at the Horse-Guards on Friday the 7th and continued by several adjournments to Monday the 24th of ... court-martial held at the Horse-Guards; AUTHOR: George Germain Sackville;
ISBN: 1171454325; TITLE: A discoverie of the true causes why Ireland was neuer entirely subdued, nor brought vnder obedience of the crowne of England, vntill the beginning of His Maiesties happie raigne, James 1st 1612; AUTHOR: John Davies;
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ISBN: 1171462549; TITLE: The arraigning and indicting of Sir John Barley-Corn, kt. Newly composed by a well-wisher to Sir John, and all that love him. By poor Tom for Their ... of mirth but a hater of traytors and mischief; AUTHOR: Thomas Robins;
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ISBN: 1171463316; TITLE: The case of Captain George Hayter, commander of the ship York, in the service of the Honourable East India Company, arrived from Bencoolen in October ... reply to nine objections made to his conduct; AUTHOR: George Hayter;
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ISBN: 117146407X; TITLE: Colin Rae of Little Govan, Esq; patron of the parish of Cathcart, and the heritors and heads of families of said parish, callers and concurrers with ... minister of Lesmahagow, appellants. 1784.; AUTHOR: Colin Rae;
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ISBN: 1171465963; TITLE: Poems, by the late Mr Stephen Chatterton, of Willenhall: consisting of elegies, odes, and songs: with various other pieces, political and humorous, ... Strictures on the late Birmingham riots; AUTHOR: Stephen Chatterton;
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ISBN: 1171466293; TITLE: A proposal for an application to Parliament, to take off the duties on cinders carried coastways, and to replace them by an alteration on the duties ... exported Addressed to the Chamber of Commerce; AUTHOR: John Dalrymple;
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ISBN: 1171467338; TITLE: Information for John Stevenson maltman in Glasgow, James Stevenson of Carswall, and James Gilmour of Craignaught, three of the four trustees appointed ... Allan Stevenson coppersmith in Glasgow; AUTHOR: John Stevenson;
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ISBN: 1171467362; TITLE: Inf. - James Jollie, against the heirs of Robert Selby, &c. Ja. Buchan, W.S. agent. P. clerk. Lord Dreghorn reporter. Information for James Jollie; AUTHOR: James Jollie;
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ISBN: 117146763X; TITLE: A catalogue of the libraries of the eminent Major-General Kelham, and the Revd. Mr. Benjamin Young, Containing a large and curious collection of ... and faculties, which will begin to be sold; AUTHOR: R. Montagu;
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ISBN: 117146780X; TITLE: Sapho & Phaon: grand ballet erotique, en quatre actes Composé par M Didelot Et donné pour la Iere fois sur le Théâtre du Roi, Hay-market, le 6 avril ... Les décorations par M Greenwood Les habits; AUTHOR: Charles Louis Didelot;
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ISBN: 1171468091; TITLE: Considerations on the present state of the navigation of the River Thames, from Maidenhead to Isleworth: and also on the utility of a navigable ... Lock, to Isleworth: proposed in 1770\; AUTHOR: Charles Truss;
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ISBN: 1171468253; TITLE: Iconology: or, a collection of emblematical figures: containing four hundred and twenty-four remarkable subjects, moral and instructive: The figures ... from classical authorities v 2 of 2; AUTHOR: George Richardson;
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ISBN: 1171468334; TITLE: Hiram: or the grand master-key to the door of both antient and modern free-masonry Being an accurate description of every degree of the brotherhood, ... lodges third ed By a member of Royal Arch; AUTHOR: Member of Royal Arch;
ISBN: 1171468369; TITLE: Jesus Christ the resurrection and the life. A discourse, delivered at Truro, on Cape-Cod, April 11th, 1786 at the interment of the Rev. Caleb Upham, Pastor of the Church of Christ in that town.; AUTHOR: Levi Whitman;
ISBN: 1171468377; TITLE: Lord Auchinleck reporter July 12 1774 In the process, Margaret Thomson, relict of Hugh Boyd merchant in Calton ofedinburgh, and Thomas Ainslie smith ... William Simpson Memorial for William Simpson; AUTHOR: William Simpson;
ISBN: 1171468482; TITLE: The farmer Comprehending the several most interesting objects and beneficial practices in the culture of wheat, rye, Likewise, directions in the ... rules for the treatment and rearing of poultr; AUTHOR: Josiah Ringsted;
ISBN: 1171468660; TITLE: Familiar architecture: or, original designs of houses, for gentlemen and tradesmen, parsonages, summer retreats, To which is added, the masonry of ... and elliptical arches: with practical remarks; AUTHOR: Thomas Rawlins;
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ISBN: 117146889X; TITLE: A letter to the noblemen, and gentlemen, proprietors of lands in Cranbourne Chace: in which the whole negotiation, with the Right Hon. Lord Rivers, ... said chace, is fully and impartially stated; AUTHOR: Andrew Chapman;
ISBN: 1171469071; TITLE: Some thoughts on the bill depending before the Right Honourable the House of Lords, for prohibiting the exportation of the woollen manufactures of ... Lordships Written in the year, 1698 The 2ed; AUTHOR: Richard Cox;
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ISBN: 1171469551; TITLE: The pangs of credit: or, an argument to shew where it is most reasonable to bestow the two millions In a plain view of the circumstances of the ... the Scheme-Act, and the Credit-Act; AUTHOR: Orphan Annuitant;
ISBN: 1171469659; TITLE: A catalogue of the genuine library of the late Rev. Mr. Elias Palairet, chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Bangor, consisting of books manuscripts and ... Mr. Gerard, at his house, in Litchfield-Stree; AUTHOR: Mr. Gerard;
ISBN: 1171469667; TITLE: A cruising voyage round the world: first to the South-Sea, thence to the East-Indies, and homewards by the Cape of Good Hope Begun in 1708, and ... Woodes Rogers, The second ed, corrected; AUTHOR: Woodes Rogers;
ISBN: 1171469675; TITLE: A description of the windward passage, and Gulf of Florida, with the course of the British trading-ships to, and from the island of Jamaica ... for the better securing of the British trade; AUTHOR: J. Cowley;
ISBN: 1171469705; TITLE: A caveat against the Methodists. Shewing how unsafe it is for any Christian to join himself to their society, or to adhere to their teachers. To which ... Catholic devotion to the blessed virgin Mary.; AUTHOR: Richard Challoner;
ISBN: 1171469756; TITLE: A catalogue of books, including the libraries of Israel Mauduit, Esq. Rev. Mr. Forster, William Frederick Glover, consisting of forty thousand ... selling February 1, 1778. By John Walker; AUTHOR: John Walker;
ISBN: 1171469845; TITLE: Investigation of the powers of the prismatic colours to heat and illuminate objects, Experiments on the refrangibility of the invisible rays of the ... on the terrestrial rays that occasion heat; AUTHOR: William Herschel;
ISBN: 1171469977; TITLE: The adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses. In XXIV books. Written by the Archbishop of Cambray. To which is added, The adventures of ... into English by Mr. Littlebury and Mr. Boyer.; AUTHOR: François de Salignac de La Mo Fénelon;
ISBN: 117147007X; TITLE: Osteographia, or the anatomy of the bones In fifty-six plates By William Cheselden Every bone in the human body is here delineated as large as the ... obscura contrived on purpose by the author,; AUTHOR: William Cheselden;
ISBN: 1171470169; TITLE: An account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean Composed from the journals and communications of Captain Henry ... 1783, were there shipwrecked in the Antelope; AUTHOR: George Keate;
ISBN: 1171470398; TITLE: An appeal to the public, in vindication of the conduct of John Hanson in regard to the prices charged by Mr. John Mackell, smith, and allowed by James Wyatt, Esq; AUTHOR: John smith Hanson;
ISBN: 1171470401; TITLE: Information for Messrs. Forrest and Sinclair, Mansfield and Hunter, and Hogg and Mosman, merchants in Edinburgh, Penman and Johnston, merchants in Glasgow, and William Foord; AUTHOR: John Forrest;
ISBN: 1171470444; TITLE: An accurate description of Newgate With the rights, privileges, allowances, fees, dues, and customs thereof Together with a parallel between the ... said prison, and the several sponging-houses; AUTHOR: Batty Langley;
ISBN: 1171470584; TITLE: The martyrdom of Ignatius. A tragedy. Written in the year 1740, by the late John Gambold, To which are annexed, the life of Ignatius, drawn from ... by him from Smyrna and Troas, in his way to; AUTHOR: John Gambold;
ISBN: 117147069X; TITLE: A funeral sermon, delivered Thursday, July 26, 1787. At the interment of the Reverend Mr. Chauncey Whittelsey, Pastor of the First Church in the city of New-Haven.; AUTHOR: Ezra Stiles;
ISBN: 117147072X; TITLE: A spittal-sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, the Sheriffs, and the governors of the several hospitals of the city of London; AUTHOR: John Denne;
ISBN: 1171470770; TITLE: The present state of the Orkney Islands considered, with an account of their advantageous situation, and conveniencies for trade: the improvements they are capable of . The whole calculated to shew; AUTHOR: James Fea;
ISBN: 1171470894; TITLE: Memorial for John Montgomery merchant in Newry, and Arthur and Thomas Atkinsons, executors of the deceased Thomas [sic] Atkinson merchant in Newery in ... and William Sutherland writer in Edinburgh; AUTHOR: John Montgomery;
ISBN: 1171470924; TITLE: The affair of the Warmister [sic] workhouse truly stated with a refutation of the falshoods and scandalous reproaches cast upon Richard Ponton, and others, by Mr. John Love, Mr. John Smith; AUTHOR: Edward Wilton;
ISBN: 1171471041; TITLE: A benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias Master John Nichols, printer, common-councilman of Farringdon Ward, and censor general of literature; not forgetting Master William Hayley; AUTHOR: Peter Pindar;
ISBN: 1171471157; TITLE: The wooden world. Dissected: in the character of a ship of war: as also, the characters of all the officers, from the captain to the common sailor. Viz. I. A sea-captain.; AUTHOR: Edward Ward;
ISBN: 1171471173; TITLE: Lord Barjarg reporter. Information for the trustees of James Baird of London, merchant; the disponees of the now deceast Mrs. Ann Walkinshaw; AUTHOR: John Hathorn;
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ISBN: 1171471300; TITLE: Vindiciæ Gallicæ. Defence of the French Revolution and its English admirers, against the accusations of the Right Hon.edmund Burke: including some ... the late production of Mons. de Calonne.4ed; AUTHOR: James Mackintosh;
ISBN: 1171471319; TITLE: The pantheon, representing the fabulous histories of the heathen gods, and most illustrious heroes; in a short, plain, and familiar method, by way of dialogue. The seventeenth edition.; AUTHOR: François Pomey;
ISBN: 1171471440; TITLE: An introduction to the making of Latin. Comprising, after an easy, compendious method, the substance of the Latin syntax, with proper English ... them translations from the classick authors; AUTHOR: John Clarke;
ISBN: 1171471459; TITLE: Condescendence of the instructions produced in support of the claim of John Earl of Hopetoun, for vouching his title to the heritable sheriffship of Linlithgow; ... Bathgate; AUTHOR: John Hope;
ISBN: 1171471521; TITLE: The wars of the Turks with Poland, Muscovy, and Hungary, from the year 1672, to the year 1683. Containing a particular account of several transactions ... taken notice of in the history of the Turks.; AUTHOR: de La Croix;
ISBN: 1171471629; TITLE: Exercises to the accidence: or, an exemplification of the several moods and tenses, and of the principle rules of construction: consisting chiefly of ... of the best Roman authors, . The 2edition; AUTHOR: William Turner;
ISBN: 1171471734; TITLE: A letter to a clergyman, relating to his sermon on the 30th of January: being a complete answer to all the sermons that ever have been, or ever shall ... in the like strain, on that anniversary.; AUTHOR: G. Coade;
ISBN: 1171471777; TITLE: The royal standard English dictionary. In which the words are not only rationally divided into syllables, accurately accented, their part of speech ... various significations arranged in one line; AUTHOR: William Perry;
ISBN: 1171471785; TITLE: A catalogue of the libraries of the Right Reverend and Honourable Sir Jonathan Trelawney, Bart late Lord Bishop of Winchester: and of the Honourable Charles Hatton, Esq: lately deceased; AUTHOR: Fletcher Gyles;
ISBN: 1171471815; TITLE: The tales of the genii: or, the delightful lessons of Horam, the son of Asmar Faithfully translated from the Persian manuscript: and compared with the ... third ed By Sir Charles Morell, v I v 1 of 2; AUTHOR: Charles Morell;
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ISBN: 1171471882; TITLE: The Basiliade: or the book of truth and nature; an epic poem. In fourteen cantos in prose. Translated from an original manuscript of the celebrated Indian Bramin and philosopher Pilpay. Volume 1 of 2; AUTHOR: Morelly;
ISBN: 1171472064; TITLE: The vade mecum for America: or A companion for traders and travellers: containing I. An exact and useful table, shewing the value of any quantity of ... up, from one yard or pound to ten thousand.; AUTHOR: Thomas Prince;
ISBN: 1171472072; TITLE: A seasonable and earnest address to the citizens of London, soon after the dreadful fire which consumed the greatest part of that famous metropolis, in the year 1666.; AUTHOR: James Janeway;
ISBN: 1171472080; TITLE: The Basiliade: or the book of truth and nature; an epic poem. In fourteen cantos in prose. Translated from an original manuscript of the celebrated Indian Bramin and philosopher Pilpay.; AUTHOR: Morelly;
ISBN: 1171472099; TITLE: The genuine information, delivered to the legislature of the state of Maryland, relative to the proceedings of the General Convention, lately held at Philadelphia; AUTHOR: Luther Martin;
ISBN: 1171472137; TITLE: A confutation of two tracts, entitled, A vindication of the new churches; and The churches quarrel espoused: written by the Reverend John Wise, A.M. In which is shewn; AUTHOR: Nathaniel Whitaker;
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